Fabric Face Masks

We believe that something practical should also be beautiful! That's why we've chosen to use our cherished archive of fabrics to make a selection of fabric face masks. Each mask is hand made to the same standard as our clothing, and we donate a mask for each full priced mask sold on our site.

Before and after wearing your mask:

  • Please wash your mask in hot, soapy water before the first wear, and after every wear.
  • Wash your hands before and after handling your mask, and before and after inserting the filter (where applicable)
  • Always use the same side as the outside.
  • Try not to touch the inside of your mask.
  • When removing your mask, untie the bottom ties first, then the top ties. 
Our disclaimer:

    These masks will unfortunately not prevent the wearer from contracting any viral or bacterial infection,  but they are a good preventative measure. The masks are not medical grade, and have not been medically tested or approved

    These masks can help prevent the wearer from coughing and sneezing onto others, and remind the wearer to not touch her/his face. They can help the wearer feel like they have a barrier when going out in public.

    These masks are non-returnable, and the purchase in non-refundable, sale is final.

    Please use your discretion when buying and wearing our masks, with full knowledge of what these fabric masks are intended to be. By choosing to purchase a mask, you are automatically accepting our terms and conditions and confirming that you are aware of all the information provided and our disclaimer.